Kristian von Krusenstierna with ProEquo

Kristian von Krusenstierna

Kristian von Krusenstierna is a successful dressage rider. He has participated in everything from SM to the Olympics and has been awarded with many different medals. He also runs the family business Ågesta Gård and Ridskola AB, and is one of the founders and owners of DressagePower.

"I use Pro Equo in many respects. To everything from calming troubled stomachs during travel, to improving the hoof quality. I like the simple sticks because they are small and easy to use."

Anna Nilsson with ProEquo

Anna Nilsson

Anna Nilsson is a national rider in the field competition. She feeds ProEquo to her horses and especially recalls a situation after the European Championships in 1999.

"ProEquo was our rescue after the European Championships when my Olympic horse Azzaro got sick and refused to eat. For a whole week, ProEquo was the only thing Azzaro wanted to eat."

“I have been feeding ProEquo to my eventing competition horses every day for several years. These horses are trained very hard and they travel and compete frequently. ProEquo is a very important part of their feed to keep them performing at an absolute maximum level.“

Peder Fredricson with ProEquo

Peder Fredricsson

Peder Fredricson has competed in the Olympics in field competition, but later turned over to jumping. He has two Olympic silver medals and one EM gold in jumping. He won the Jerringer-prize in both 2017 and 2018.

Pernilla André Hokfelt with ProEquo

Pernilla André Hokfelt

Pernilla André Hokfelt, elite dressage rider, tells us:

“I have been using ProEquo all since the introduction of the product. I started by feeding ProEquo to Bombay that had problems with gastric ulcer because of very intensive travel and competition. It worked very well and I have continued to use the product since then. The horses get a better appetite and it is very good to bring ProEquo when traveling with the horses.”

“I have also noticed that some dressage horses are getting more relaxed during competitions when fed ProEquo, because of a more regular emptying of the rectum. It seems like the feces goes more smoothly through the intestine. With the stomach in balance, the horses keep stronger throughout the competitions, maintaining a higher performance level also the last days of the competitions.”

Desirée Alameri with ProEquo

Desirée Alameri

Desirée Alameri rides Iceland horses in the Finnish national team. She uses ProEquo for her Island horse Mökkur from Ytri-Bægisá I.

"I am always very skeptical about new supplements to eczema because they don't always work. But I can certainly say that ProEauo works on Mökkur. To see your horse go without eczema blanket and without any signs of summer eczema is a great relief."


ProEquo AB

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The company ProEquo AB (manufacturer of the product ProEquo) is located at the Ideon Science Park in Lund. We invest heavily in research and development in the field of functional feed (i.e. feed or feed supplements enriched with one or more ingredients that provide well-documented health benefits in addition to the product's original nutritional value).

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